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Module 101: Nova Value Innovation Strategy for Private School Growth

-(8 hours in 1 day): After more than 3 decades of decreasing financial ability of average Nigerians and increasing proliferation of private schools, significant growth is a tremendous challenge many schools face. Why do few schools achieve sustained high growth in popularity, revenue and profits? In a seven-year study of high growth schools and their less successful competitors, we found that the answer lies in the way each group approached strategy. The difference in approach was not a matter of owners and administrators choosing one marketing system or academic curriculum over another. The difference was in the schools’ fundamental implicit assumptions about strategy and culture. The less successful schools took conventional approach: their strategic thinking was dominated by the idea of matching or benchmarking competition. In stark contrast, the high-growth schools paid little attention to matching or beating their rivals. Instead, they sought to make their competitors irrelevant through a strategic logic we call Value Innovation. At Nova Academy, this foundational class will teach you how to make value innovation and strategic planning- (the strategic logic of high growth in Private School Business, your Strategic Advantage and Competitive Edge.

Upon the completion of this 16 hour session spread over 2 days of intensive training, participants will amongst others learn:

  • The Nova Strategy for Private School Growth and its implementation process.
  • Where millions in untapped money is waiting for you right now in your school.
  • How you can create an instant cash of about N2 million to N100 million annually from these untapped assets.
  • The four fundamental factors that deliver superior value that you must know to market your school effectively.
  • The theory of space & how to create a place in the space of school business.
  • How to develop a Strategy for Growth and Growth Sustainability- using Nova Strategy example.
  • The Value Innovation and the four critical elements of its successful implementation in Private School business.
  • The Nova Seven Quantum Growth Multipliers and its application to Private School Business.
  • The path way to success in school business and understand the fundamental determinants of school growth.
  • Understand how to create a niche and stake out a vivid market identity to position appropriately, leap over competition and dominate your market.

Standard Price: N25, 000                        Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm daily

Modules 201- 203: Nova Marketing Strategy for Numerical Growth:

How to increase your customers-(24 hours in 3 days)>:

Ask nearly any school owner what they want most for their school, and the answer you’ll most often hear is that they want more enrolments. Sales and marketing is the vehicle that drives everything. Your level of Entrepreneurial Wealth is directly linked to your ability to sell and your understanding of the psychology of human influence. The major focus of this seminar is to teach school leaders how to develop and implement lead generating system, lead conversion system and an effective referral system.

Nova Marketing Strategy Seminar is a proven formula for achieving numerical increase of 200 to 600 new enrolments in a single term. During these three days, we will be showing you how to unleash the 4 pillars of school numerical growth-(existing parents, staff, existing pupils/students and the Centre of Influence) to increase your enrolment by mind boggling numbers.
The seminar is a 24 hours training that runs over a period of three days. Below is what you will learn on each day of the seminar:

Module 201: Lead Generating System:

New and Advanced strategies to generate traffic of prospects. Most schools can actually double or triple their bottom-line profits very easily and nearly overnight by concentrating their efforts on a few key areas that are overlooked by nearly every school owner. One of the first things to consider is how to get prospects. That is, people who are interested in, and are willing to listen to your sales story.  But be careful here. “Leads” doesn’t necessarily mean raw new prospects from everywhere, but from targeted areas that promised the best opportunity to succeed.


Standard Price: N25, 000 Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm


Module 202: Lead Conversion System:

“Conversion Rate” is another consideration not to overlook. All the leads in the world (no matter how qualified and interested they may be) will do you absolutely no good unless you can convert those leads into buying customers. Lead conversion system covers all you need to turn prospects into paying customers and keep those customers for life.

Standard Price: N25, 000  Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Module 203: Referral System: proven strategies to tap into the most effective customer growth pillar that accounts for 90% of business volume across industries. This training will help you to know how to motivate your on-board parents to willingly refer their friends, family and colleagues to you.
During the three days training, you will equally learn the following:

  • The Power to Influence: How to ethically influence people to enroll their children and bring more children to your school.
  • How to overcome objections and overcome the fear of Selling.
  • The Power of Language - Words that Sell. With this you will learn how a minor shift in your sales message can transform your enrolment by up to 100% increase.
  • How to communicate the importance of selling to your team.
  • How to create a multi-step sales process within your school (This is so important yet so few people are doing it properly).

Standard Price:N25, 000    Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Modules 301- 303: Nova Monetization Strategy for Revenue and Profit Growth

How to generate extra revenue and increase profit-(24 hours in 3 days):

The number one way to increase the profitability of a business is to increase the positive cash flow of that business. When you consider that it costs up to six times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer, and that most businesses acquire new customers at break even, or maybe even a little less, it’s easy to see that getting new customers is not the most cost-effective way to build a business. This seminar is designed to help you bolster your revenue. Specifically, it covers topics such as; optimum pricing strategy, instant cash generating strategy, debt reduction strategy, fee collection and fee increase strategies, school accounting and basic financial knowledge such as budgeting, variance analysis and determination of life time value of each customer etc.

Module 301: Optimum Pricing and Extra Cash Generation Strategies: The determination of where the bulk of buyers your school is capable of serving are coming from and their financial capability is the first step in determining the optimum price for your service. In this seminar, you will learn how to set the most profitable price for your school-the price at which you increase in enrolment, revenue and profit simultaneously, and more.

Standard Price: N25, 000 Time:30am – 4.30pm

Module 302: Fee Collection and Debt Recovery Strategies : Many growing businesses fail from lack of cash, rather than from lack of sales. A useful analogy is that profit is like food, whereas cash is like oxygen. The survival ‘rule of threes’ states that people can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, but only three minutes without oxygen. Similarly, a business can survive without profit in the short term but it cannot survive without cash-put it this way, if you stop paying your employees and stop improving the school facilities your business will not survive for very long at all. A school can have the best service in its market, but if it runs out of cash, the quality won’t matter.

In this seminar, you will learn proven strategies to improve your revenue by improving the time parents pay their children’s fee and eliminate or reduce your debtors by 70-100%.

Standard Price: N25, 000 Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Module 303: School Accounting and Finance for Non Finance Managers: Many businesses strive for growth. There is a belief that fast growth is the best way to build a successful business. However, rapid growth without adequate financial intelligence may not be the best option for business with relatively low cash and limited access to new external finance.
At this seminar designed for School Owners, School Administrators, Head of Schools, School Bursars and all other principal officers of private schools, participant will understand:

  • How to prepare Annual Business Plan (ABP):
  • Cash flow forecasting: how to realistically forecast and prepare cash flow and foresee problems before they arise
  • Budgeting, budget measurement and budgetary control: budgeting helps you to plan, coordinate and integrate different school activities. Setting motivating budget targets will help you control the direction of your school and subsequently evaluate the performance of budget holders.
  • Cash operating circle: the length of time between paying out cash and receiving cash from parents is essential to the survival of any private school. You will learn how to measure, control, finance and where possible minimise the length of your cash operating circle- for your staff have better memories than your debtors; staff like creditors are a superstitious sect, great observers of set days and times.
  • Strategies for Increasing Customer Buying Lifetime: How to calculate your customer lifetime value for the purpose of increasing the number of years an average customer stays in business with you.

Standard Price: N25, 000                            Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm


Modules 401- 403: Nova Growth Sustainability Strategy:

How to Keep Customers for Life in a Competitive Market-(24 hours in 3 days):

Having developed the system to a point you can really call a success, it makes a lot of sense to systemize the process. To sustain your growth you must excel at customer service, relationship management and lead the system towards the part of sustainable growth. This seminar focuses on helping school leaders acquire the necessary relationship management skills, strategies for boosting the morale of staff for hire productivity and how to improve their customer buying lifetime and transform their customers into raving fans.

A relationship is just that -- a relationship! It's a bond. When a customer has a relationship with you, that means he or she is far less likely to violate that relationship by forming a relationship with a competitor. Perhaps the biggest reasons that vast number of schools attempted price increase, and then failed, are because they made a fundamental mistake and a false assumption coming into the game. They thought that it is all about the product- their teaching services. If the product is of high quality, has a good price, etc, then that's what's important. It is important, but still not as important as you, the person they are buying from. The business of school is the business of relating to people. It is the art of building rapport with people, and creating actual relationships.

Module 401: Leadership and Management: Learn how putting more love and risk into your work leads to higher levels of cooperation from your employees, your customers, and everyone you interact with. In this powerful seminar, you’ll learn how to motivate and positively connect with your team, how to use a coach for outstanding results , the secret of exceptional managers, managing different people differently, helping your people clarify their goals, getting yourself and others to the go side of life,  and more.

Standard Price: N25, 000     Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Module 402: Excellence in Service Delivery: How to genuinely serve others at the highest level possible. How would your customers grade their experience with your school? Are you getting an A+ from every customer in each of the critical service areas- (Generic, Expected, Augmented and Potential Areas)? If not, what can you do to raise your grade? In this seminar, you will learn, practical ideas on exceeding expectations, handling difficult situations, increasing internal team work, how to serve and wow customers in a competitive market, and more.

Standard Price: N25, 000                            Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Module 403: Relationship Management: How to create moments of magic that turn ordinary interactions into memorable experiences. In today’s highly competitive market, ordinary interactions will only get your school so far. In other to create long-term, secure relationships with your customers, you need to amaze them. You will learn the most influential communication methods that produce instant and empowering results for everyone involved, the seven steps to building a long lasting relationship, how to sell your ideas to create positive change etc.

Standard Price: N25, 000  Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Because we are sure that our trainings will produce you excellent result, we are happy to offer you iron clad irresistible guarantee.

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