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TreNova Academy runs Nova Business Angel Masterclass to help young and aspiring entrepreneurs bridge the skill gap. It is a grand breaking all-inclusive approach that covers idealisation, product development, business model design, value innovation, digital marketing, professional selling skills, management of critical resources, leadership, financial intelligence and  monetization strategy, business systemization and growth sustainability program. We equally offer hands-on-mentoring services. Attend these seminars and sign on for these services and get ready for immediate improvement in the results of your entrepreneurial, marketing and growth efforts.


Our objective is to help small and medium sized business owners to develop and grow to their full potential by providing powerful platform that guarantee successful new venture launch, provide potent business growth strategies and make available efficient sales and marketing processes that generate new sales, new revenue, new profits, and additionally, unlock large amounts of untapped cash within the business. Furthermore, we assist in the systemization of your business so as to enable you to be free of the day-to-day running of your business.

As you know, NOVA Business Angel Masterclass Program is renowned for showing business owners how to create a profitable business. The first area of focus to achieve this is ALWAYS from Idealisation into product development and then we moved into business model design to full implementation of value innovation strategy which includes the development of all the four elements of the product. These we followed by transformation of the way you render your product and, thereafter, we focus on sales and marketing with the management of critical resources. All these are supported by financial intelligence for revenue growth, anchored on growth sustainability system. In the ideal world, you'll be spending at least 50% of your time on Marketing and Innovation. This is not always possible but it is essential that you are up to date on what's working and what's not.

Your Business Success: Without an outstanding value innovation strategy anchored on creative business model and an effective marketing system - nothing else matters. So, one of the big themes of our program is value innovation and marketing system for business growth. I want you to leave the TreNova Academy a master of selling and innovation. You'll know the techniques that work, the ones that don't and most of all, you'll be a master of ETHICAL SELLING AND INNOVATION - maximizing your success while simultaneously delighting your customers.

Acceleration and Action: One of the big mistakes that Entrepreneurs make is thinking that success is just about Knowledge: In our case, mastering and implementing the Business Development and Growth techniques that lead to success is more important.

Knowledge on its own is not enough. It needs to translate to results and this only happens through Action and availability of appropriate level of critical resources.

That ACTION is an art and science in itself. There are specific ways of structuring your Entrepreneurial life, specific sequences to the action - and a mindset that governs it all.

When you get this mix right, you don't just experience the results you desire (frequent results that far exceed what you even thought possible.) You experience results and profit growth at an accelerated rate that most business owners simply do not believe is possible.

So, our third theme at TreNova Academy goes way beyond the level of skills and strategies and focuses on how to fund your business, multiply and accelerate your results and achieve stunning results - very fast. Therefore, upon completion of NOVA Business Angel Masterclass, you will be certified a ‘Business Growth Angel’, offered a chance to win business grant, have access to join the TreNova Mentorship Program and benefit from our hands-on-mentoring service which allows you to have one of our strategy implementation mentors behind you as you proceed in the journey to create a successful business. This will provide you the necessary helping hand required to succeed as an entrepreneur.


As a strategic partner in business development and growth, we offer a wide range of trainings designed to improve your business success. Interested participants can enrol into our standard class, where courses are purchased as desired by the participant and paid for with cash of N29, 900 per module. Alternatively, participants can enrol into our referral program, where participants only pay for the first training and gain access to other 4 training by referring friends. Upon completion of all the 5 modules in the Nova Business Angel Masterclass, you are certified as, ‘NOVA BUSINESS ANGEL.’ – A seasoned entrepreneur who is capable of running a successful business in any part of Africa and gain access to enter Nova Business Grant competition.

Below are the various modules covered in the Nova Business Angel Masterclass- (NBAM):


Idealisation & Value Innovation Strategy:

In this training, you will learn how to become a business idea machine with proven strategies and actionable insights.

After more than 3 decades of decreasing financial ability of average Nigerians occasioned by underemployment and high level of un-employment, significant growth is a tremendous challenge many businesses face.

What do Facebook, Groupon, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram have in common – besides being ultra-successful businesses?

You probably won’t guess it.

Every single company started with an idea that was TERRIBLE. Yes, that’s right. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Andrew Mason, Kevin Systrom all started their businesses not with immediate success, but with immediate failure, ridicule, and frustration.

That’s not the story you heard, right?

You probably heard that they all channeled their unlimited brilliance into crafting the perfect idea. An idea so great, so perfect that it was just a matter of time before their idea took the world by storm.

That’s what most people think. And most people are 100% wrong.

  • Facebook started as a way to compare attractiveness between classmates.

  • Pinterest started as an app that let you get notified when your favorite designer goods went on sale.

  • Groupon started as a website for raising funds for charity.

  • Instagram started as Burbn, the 400th app to let you “check in” at your favorite businesses.

And yes, Twitter started as a website to list and find podcasts.

None of these ideas were brilliant. They weren’t clever. They certainly weren’t insightful. And they certainly weren't "ahead of their time"

But they WERE created by people who supposedly are. Business ideas are not an art. They're not things that are limited only to those with experience & creative insight.

Anyone can come up with, develop, and improve business ideas. Business ideas that can be life changing - and I guarantee a whole lot better than the first idea of most major companies.

Stop being intimidated by the process of coming up with business ideas. Learn it, master it, and conquer it.

Learn the science behind creating great business ideas.


Why you should enroll:

  • Course includes over 8 hours of high quality content, including activities and quizzes such as Ideation, Visual thinking and Customer Insights. It is the most important one thing you need to complete the Nova Business Angel Masterclass which is your sure foundation towards participating in and winning the Nova Business Grant at no additional cost

  • You’ll learn how to evaluate the idea space and how to transform idea into valuable product

  • You'll learn skills that are invaluable in any situation, like being able to assess an ideas marketability, how to spot market inefficiencies, and how to successfully employ disruptive business models to create profitable brand

  • You’ll learn the theory of space & how to create a place in the space of SME businesses.

  • You’ll learn the four critical elements of successful implementation of value innovation strategy in business.

  • You’ll will discover how fundamental implicit assumptions about value innovation can become your competitive edge and strategic logic of high growth in business

  • You'll have direct access to the instructor, who has train and mentor over 8,000 business owners as a consultant and business mentor, and hundreds more as a founder and director of a successful consulting agency.

Standard Price: N29, 900


Product Development and Business Model Design

Product Development and Business Model Design: This training is designed for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow’s enterprises. It’s a training for entrepreneurs (both aspiring and existing) who are interested in developing the profitable enterprise that will still be there after a decade waxing stronger- when 24 out of 25 businesses that started together would have fizzled out.

Product Development and Business Model Design describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. Customers comprise the heart of any business. Without (profitable) customers, no company can survive for long. In order to better satisfy customers, a company may group them into distinct segments with common needs, common behaviours, or other attributes. A business model may define one or several large or small Customer Segments. An organization must make a conscious decision about which segments to serve and which segments to ignore. Once this decision is made, a business model can be carefully designed around a strong understanding of specific customer needs.

Why you should enroll:

  • In this course you’ll learn why few businesses achieve sustained high growth in popularity, revenue and profits while numerous businesses die at start-up?

  • You’ll learn the business model design process and business model perspective on blue ocean strategy

  • The session on product development will show you where millions in untapped money is waiting for you right now within the Nigerian Economy and learn how you can use this privilege information to create a business of  N12 million to N100 million annually

  • You’ll discover the Seven Quantum Growth Multipliers and the Four Fundamental Factors that deliver superior value that you must know to market your product effectively.

  • Understand how to create a niche and stake out a vivid market identity to position appropriately, leap over competition and dominate your market.

Standard Price: N29, 900                       


Professional Selling Skills for Shy and Introverted People

 The major focus of this seminar is to teach you sales and marketing skills and how to increase your lead and boost your conversion ratio. It is a state-of-art, modern sales and marketing training program that brings together the most helpful marketing ideas and sales methodologies ever developed to assist those interested in having successful entrepreneurship career.

Ask nearly any business owner what they want most for their business, and the answer you’ll most often hear is that they want more sales. Sales and marketing is the vehicle that drives everything. Your level of Entrepreneurial Wealth is directly linked to your ability to sell and your understanding of the psychology of human influence.

Nova Sales and Marketing Training is a new and advanced strategies to generate traffic of prospects and convert them into paying customers. Most businesses can actually double or triple their bottom-line profits very easily and nearly overnight by concentrating their efforts on a few key areas that are overlooked by nearly every business owner. One of the first things to consider is how to get prospects. That is, people who are interested in, and are willing to listen to your sales story.  But be careful here. “Leads” doesn’t necessarily mean raw new prospects from everywhere, but from targeted areas that promised the best opportunity to succeed. Once the prospects are attracted, they will need to be converted into paying customer which is where sales takes over.

The power of the course lies in its simplicity, stripped of theory and jargons, based on 15 years of selling on the street. Participants even experienced sales and marketing professionals and fresh graduates are amazed at how well the ideas taught in this course help them in launching or re-invigorate their sales and marketing career and make more sales.

On completion of this course, you’ll be able to;

  • Identify target markets and target audience

  • Understand the structures of effective marketing communication

  • Understand the psychology behind effective engagement

  • Write effective copy to improve existing materials

  • How to develop a marketing plan around a structured process

  • Discover how to masters the fundamentals of marketing, formulate a marketing strategy, manage your brand

  • Discover the key elements of Marketing, how to position your business correctly and learn the great marketing promotional techniques.

  • Discover how to maximize profits from market segments, position persuasive offers to your marketplace, grow business with new and existing customers and create strong brand identities.

  • Understand the new model of selling, self-evaluation exercises, customer and client needs analysis, creating sticky sales and how to become welcome guest sales person.


By participating in this training, you will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved self-esteem due to increased specialist knowledge

  • Increased competitive advantage

  • Greater brand awareness

  • Increased sales

  • Improved productivity, costs savings and profitability

  • The Power to Influence: How to ethically influence people to buy your product.

  • How to overcome objections and overcome the fear of Selling.

  • The Power of Language - Words that Sell. With this you will learn how a minor shift in your sales message can transform your sales by up to 100% increase.

  • How to communicate the importance of selling to your team.

  • How to create a multi-step sales process within your business (This is so important yet so few people are doing it properly).

  • How to get into the salesperson’s mindset, distinguish between features and benefits and present competitive strengths.

  • How to articulate goals, addressing failures, asking the right questions, adding value positioning and building relationships.

Standard Price: N29, 900        


Facebook Marketing Skills

Do you want over 1000 Genuine and Targeted Facebook Likes for your Facebook Page?

Do you want to reach these potential customers in the quickest time possible?

Want to learn the simple strategies and techniques that pages with 100 000+ likes know?

Best of all... Do you want to do this for FREE? Without spending a dollar of your money on ineffective and overpriced Facebook ads?!

This course is designed to teach you all of the essential that will drive your business success and the real skills needed to drive your career forward in entrepreneurship. It will help you to expand your skillset and dramatically increase your chance of business success.

Facebook has grown to be one of the primary communication channels on the internet. It has also become an essential component to many businesses in their digital marketing strategies.

The Digital Marketing Institute ethos is to take digital knowledge directly from industry leaders, they design and teach our formalized, accredited syllabus so you learn


  • An exact blueprint to optimize your Facebook account to maximise your likes and engagement.

  • A full-proof system of how to automatically increase your Facebook reach and Influence.

  • Proven strategies for promoting your Facebook page to 1000's OF RELEVANT AND REAL PEOPLE every day in your desired niche!

It will equally guide you through in-depth learning in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Social Media and the Broadening Scope of Social Media

  • Facebook- What you need to know

  • How to use Facebook for Business and develop a digital marketing page

  • Use of Facebook features for digital marketing, such as Facebook Ads

  • Planning and delivery of a Facebook Advertising strategy

  • Choosing your Channels and Content Creation

  • Getting Started with Social Networks: Facebook

  • Content Marketing and Content Outreach

  • Social Media Automation

  • KPI monitoring and ongoing measurement

  • The Social Media Audit

  • Future Trends and Other Social Networks and Channels

  • Learn the purpose of your Facebook content

  • Discover how NOT to get Facebook likes

  • Learn the most effective strategies to attracting relevant and genuine Facebook Fans

  • Understand the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

  • And Consequentially post content to take advantage of the Newsfeed algorithm

  • How to discover your Facebook voice?

  • How to excel with customer service

  • How to use your Facebook like momentum to accelerate you to your goals

  • Advanced Facebook Like strategies

  • How to interpret and respond to Facebook insights

  • How to be in control and leverage your Facebook Fans

  • Learn the purpose of your Facebook content

  • Discover how NOT to get Facebook likes

  • Learn the most effective strategies to attracting relevant and genuine Facebook Fans

  • Understand the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

  • And Consequentially post content to take advantage of the Newsfeed algorithm

  • How to discover your Facebook voice?

  • How to excel with customer service

  • How to use your Facebook like momentum to accelerate you to your goals

  • Advanced Facebook Like strategies

  • How to interpret and respond to Facebook insights

  • How to be in control and leverage your Facebook Fans

Objectives & Outcomes

The Nova Facebook Marketing training will teach you the skills to execute a comprehensive facebook marketing strategy encompassing the disciplines of content creation, audit and planning, including;

Content Creation

  • Engaging with and acquiring customers with on-point content

  • Distinguishing between traditional and digital-friendly elements of marketing

  • Applying digital marketing tactics to your overall marketing campaign

 Content Marketing

  • The 5 types of content marketing

  • Content marketing Do’s and Dont’s

  • Content planning

  • Content marketing for recruitment

  • Content planning for customer services

Strategy and Planning

  • Social media marketing audit

  • Plan objectives, audience and budgets

  • Execution and reporting on an iterative social media marketing campaign

  • Understand other Social networks such as quadalogues and reblabs

Then join this comprehensive course and community of Facebook page owners gaining hundreds of likes every single day using the knowledge and simple strategies contained in this course!

We welcome those of all levels of experience or skills and will prepare them to engage specifically with facebook marketing within the overall digital marketing domain.

Standard Price: N29, 900 per Day                         Duration: 4 days


Accounting and Finance Skills for Non Finance Managers

Many businesses strive for growth. There is a belief that fast growth is the best way to build a successful business. However, rapid growth without adequate financial intelligence may not be the best option for business with relatively low cash and limited access to new external finance.

At this seminar designed for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, you will understand:

  • How to prepare Annual Business Plan (ABP)

  • Budgeting, budget measurement and budgetary control: budgeting helps you to plan, coordinate and integrate different business activities. Setting motivating budget targets will help you control the direction of your business and subsequently evaluate the performance of budget units

  • Cash flow forecasting: how to realistically forecast and prepare cash flow and foresee problems before they arise

  • Cash operating circle: the length of time between paying out cash and receiving cash from customer is essential to the survival of any business. You will learn how to measure, control, finance and where possible minimise the length of your cash operating circle- for your staff have better memories than your debtors; staff like creditors are a superstitious sect, great observers of set days and times.

  • Strategies for Increasing Customer Buying Lifetime: How to calculate your customer lifetime value for the purpose of increasing the number of years an average customer stays in business with you.

Standard Price: N29, 900

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