Get the benefits of having a school growth consultant and the benefits of having a relationship management staff plus   continuous cash-generating platform at less than 50% of a junior staff salary!

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What's Stopping you from Growing your School?

At TreNova School Support Centre, we help private schools prospect more effectively, recover unpaid school fees, acquire new enrolments while engaging and retaining existing parents and generate more revenue for continued growth.

We offer some customized outsourced solutions that are focused on improving reading culture, enhancing learning outcome, increasing the lifetime value of your existing customers and growing your school by identifying new leads, closing more deals and boosting revenue.

Build A Market-Leading School

What would increase in in the next 90 days mean for your school?

Dear School Owner,

Do you ever think about how great it would be for your school to grow extremely fast? How would it feel to have multiple parents trying to enrol their children in your school and pay their fee promptly? We can give your school incredible support that:

  • Will increase your leads,
  • Increase your enrolment,
  • Reduce your unpaid school fees,
  • Increase your revenue, and profits to new levels you have never seen before,
  • Promote reading culture and improve learning outcome. This e-library will provide each child with unrestricted access to read 36 books each session and thereby enable your school and the children to achieve the international reading standard of 100 books at the age of 5 and more than 320 books before the age of 12.

You do not have to put up with those horrid cold calls and high unpaid school fees any longer. Get ready to start talking to parents that will give you maximized results. We can help you with strategic marketing to attract your potential parents quickly. We have the experience, knowledge, platform and tools to help you make your school successful almost instantly. Our team of experts has helped thousands of schools over the years. Allow us to help you finally have the school of your dreams.

You can finally have the profits you always hoped for. Contact our friendly customer service associates today, and let’s get started on your new strategic lead generation, debt collection, customer service and revenue generation strategies. We look forward to assisting you with your customer growth and retention issues for many years to come.


We help growing and innovative schools scale

Our goal is to help your school scale. We are here to make that happen

Why Schools Prefer Our Services

We’ve helped 7,000 schools in Nigeria since 2007 to grow their enrolment by 100-600 in a single term, increase revenue from 8m to 158m in 3 years and some to double their businesses in 2-4 years

Market Research

We identify ways to get the target prospects through correct the research focused on your Net Promoter Score, demographics, value proposition, competitors.

Lead Generation

We focus on delivering pre- qualified leads through effective Telemarketing and targeted referral system for private schools in Nigeria.

Appointment Setting

Get in front of qualified prospects that want to enrol in your school, backed up by transparent results focused on increasing enrolment and retention.

Enrolment Generation

Grow your school by increasing the percentage of prospects you convert into enrolment annually through a cost-effective outsourced solution.

Debt Collection

We identify ways to get your parents pay their children school fee through excellent relationship management and effective debt collection strategy.

Boost Revenue

Offer your pupils Learnnova Mobile Reading Library and MyMathsHero Platform to promote reading culture, improve numeracy skills.

We Can Consistently Help Your School Generate Leads, Boost Revenue, Collect Debts, Improve Learning Outcome, Make Existing Parents Give Referrals And More…

We are experts at retaining existing parents, identifying parents that are most likely to refer and understand the most effective baits to offer through effective parent to parent prospecting

We will allocate a customer service officer to your school who will be responsible for the regular professional calling of your customers. This will offer your school the following benefits:

a. Promotion of excellent relationship between your school and your parents.
b. Collection of debt from owing parents.

The customer service officer allocated to your school will help you to implement a powerful referral strategy to generate a significant number of hot prospects that you can easily convert into new enrolments, and will also help your school to deepen the relationship with your customers.

You are also offered all year round FREE registration on Platform and Leading Schools’ YouTube Channel. The benefits of these include the following:

a. Prospects generation from your existing customers for higher enrolment. It is said that 90% of business volumes are generated through referral. It has also been established that no private school will begin to achieve consistent growth until when their existing customers begin to refer new enrolment to them. 

b. Free registration on ‘Leadtome’ Business Directory. This will enable you to publish scholarship as bait to acquire an enormous number of prospects from the general public and hence, position you as a school that supports and contributes actively to the education of Nigerian children.

c. Improve visibly and brand awareness. You are given lifetime access to register and publish your school success stories on Leading Schools’ YouTube Channel. Your presence on the Channel with your school listing on the Platform will make it easy for parents to search for you. It will also enable you to showcase the best of your school to Nigerians and will make your target audience understand your school value proposition and how they can easily reach you.

d. Ability to enlist the entire community as your sales agent: The platform’s LeadForCash feature will enable you to publish sales lead, mention how much you are prepared to pay whosoever that can give you information that leads to enrolment and call on every member of the society to refer an enrolment to you digitally.

Your school is given unrestricted free access to register up to 125 pupils/students on the Learnnova Online Mobile library platform or Mymathshero online mathematics learning support platform and for subsequent additional child above 125, at a fee of N600 per term per child. The benefits of these include the following:

a. Promotion of reading culture and math education. With this, each child will have unrestricted access to read 100 books before the age of 6 and more than 325 books before the age of 12

b. Opportunity to earn additional N187,500 to N625,000 per term and N562,500 to N1,875,000 annually on 125 pupils/students on your enrolment i.e. if you charge each child N1,500 usage fee per term for the reading or math platform.

Did I mention that all this is at no additional cost to you?

c. Improved Learning Outcome: Readers are Leaders. For any child to succeed in any examination, he/she must be able to read and understand the questions. According to Jim Rohn, “reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” As it is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” “The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’’ Each child registered on the reading platform and follow the reading program religiously will gain better phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, speaking ability, fluency, and speed.

This is an online platform that contains powerful school growth tools, tips, insights, and continuous learning materials that will help you to stay at the top of the curve.

Just identify a skill gap in your life or among your staff, School Support Centre will find you the right trainer at a significant discount.


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