"The Most Intelligent Step You'll Ever Take To Grow Your School"

For upward of seven years, we have served more than 7,000 private schools across the country in various forms. If you are interested in increasing your school’s enrolment dramatically, increase your revenue, reduce your debt, improve your staff productivity or boost your profit and sustain your growth, you may be interested in some of the things that NOVA School Growth Academy has achieved in schools like yours:

  • Trained school owners on how to create lead generating and lead conversion systems. Enquiries increased to 1,000 and enrolment increased by about 576% within 3 months.
  • Participants in our marketing strategy seminar implemented one strategy after 2 months. Generated 200 to 600 new enrolments immediately.
  • Developed and help implement referral system for schools with 150 to 450 existing parents. The system achieved 2 new enrolments out of every 3 existing parents.
  • Created and taught how to implement an instant revenue growth plan for private schools. First-year extra cash were between N2 million to N50 million from existing children in all the schools that implemented it.

Trained school leaders on debt reduction and fee increase strategies. Some increased fee by 35% to 100% and at the same time recorded increase in population. Schools that implemented our debt reduction strategy reduced debt by N15 million and got more than 85% of parents to pay before resumption.

We Have A School Growth Strategy Just For You…

We have a number of school growth programs that cater to your different needs and budgets:

For the prudent school owner who is facing stiff competition and has had bad past experiences with various training programs, the NOVA Value Innovation Strategy for Private School Growth will show you step by step strategies that can yield immediate result without you having to spend much money!

For the school in trouble, our popular Nova Marketing Strategy for numerical growth class, aimed at turning around your enrolment immediately is the most intelligent step you will ever take to grow your business.

For growing schools and the mature school owners wanting to take their business to the next level, the NOVA Monetization Strategy for Revenue and Profit Growth, together with the NOVA Growth Sustainability system, leaves nothing to chance. We guarantee you’ll grow your school with significant and on-going increased profits.

For the new proprietor who is just starting or about to start, our hands-on-advisory service for growth and our grand breaking School Business Mentoring Network, will give you all the information and resources you need to put you ahead of your competitors.


The one mistake no school owner can afford to make is creating weak marketing. If it’s not effective…if it doesn’t ‘‘pull’’…your school can’t grow. It can even put you out of business.


You can now gain potent new marketing skills and business growth ideas for your school from one of the nation’s best-known school growth experts. Using just one of NOVA’s many powerful, proven approaches could help you create marketing strategy that pulls, and develop growth strategy that wins for years to come…making the Nova School Growth Strategy the smartest investment you’ve ever made in your school.



Nova school growth strategy is a grand breaking all-inclusive approach that covers value innovation, school marketing, revenue growth, profit boosting and growth sustainability program, best known for its long-running and popular trainings – the ‘NOVA Value Innovation Strategy for Private School growth’, ‘NOVA Marketing Strategy for Numerical Revenue Growth’, NOVA Monetization Strategy for Revenue and Profit Growth and the Nova Growth Sustainability Strategy for Keeping Customer for Life in a Competitive World, some running at Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Ikeja, some at Accra, Ghana, some at Ibadan and some at our training centre- the NOVA Training Centre, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos. We equally offer hands-on-services. Attend these seminars or sign on for these services and get ready for immediate improvement in the results of your marketing and growth efforts.


Our objective is to help small and medium sized schools to develop and grow to their full potential by providing powerful business growth, sales and marketing processes that generate new enrolment, new revenue, new profits, and additionally, unlock large amounts of untapped cash within the business. Furthermore, we assist in the systemization of your business so as to enable you to be free of the day-to-day running of your business.

You’ll be able to reclaim your life, stop worrying about the day-to-day difficulties so that you can make more strategic decisions and concentrate on the bigger picture- making money. Instead of working in the business, you’ll be working on the business for commercial success.

Your School Success: You have the passion. You have a skill. You used that skill to start your school, and perhaps employed some people to make an impact out of something you are good at and enjoy. The school has become a perpetual way of life, like a doctor or a mechanic who does the same thing over and over again to generate a stream of income. The school is struggling to grow, marking time by repeating the same position in a perpetual circle throughout the life of the school. At NOVA school growth academy, we will be going deep into the most powerful, effective and proven strategies that will bring you more customers, attract those customers faster, maximize your repeat business and allow you to increase prices while simultaneously increasing sales.

As you know, NOVA Program is renowned for showing school owners how to increase profits by 50-250%. The first area of focus to achieve this is ALWAYS full implementation of value innovation strategy which include the development of all the four elements of your service, followed by transformation of the way you render your service, thereafter; we focus on marketing and systemization. This is supported by revenue growth, anchored on growth sustainability system. In the ideal world, you'll be spending at least 50% of your time on Marketing and Innovation. This is not always possible but it is essential that you are up to date on what's working and what's not.

Your Marketing Success:

Without an outstanding marketing system and sales process - nothing else matters. So, one of the big themes of our program is marketing system for numerical growth. I want you to leave the NOVA training academy a master of selling. You'll know the techniques that work, the ones that don't and most of all, you'll be a master of ETHICAL SELLING - maximizing your profits while simultaneously delighting your customers.

Acceleration and Action:

One of the big mistakes that Entrepreneurs make is thinking that success is just about Knowledge: In our case, mastering and implementing the Business growth techniques that lead to success is more important.

Knowledge on its own is not enough. It needs to translate to results and this only happens through Action.

That ACTION is an art and science in itself. There are specific ways of structuring your Entrepreneurial life, specific sequences to the action - and a mindset that governs it all.

When you get this mix right, you don't just experience the results you desire (frequent results that far exceed what you even thought possible.) You experience results and profit growth at an accelerated rate that most school owners simply do not believe is possible.

So, our third theme at NOVA School Growth Program goes way beyond the level of skills and strategies and focuses on how to accelerate your results and achieve stunning results - very fast. Therefore, upon completion of NOVA Strategy for Private School Growth Academy, you will be certified a ‘School Growth Angel’, have access to join the Nova Mentoring Network and benefit from our LOW COST hands-on-mentoring service which allows you to have one of our strategy implementation mentors once in your school each month;  receive constant follow up phone calls from our after-sales-service officers; book appointment to come to our office to see our lead consultant as many times you wish and also call him on phone for further guidance. This will provide you the necessary helping hand required for successful implementation of what you learn during the seminar.

Module 101

Nova Value Innovation Strategy for School Growth

Module 301-303

Nova Monetization Strategy for Revenue and Profit Growth

Testimony Caley College

Modules 201- 203

Nova Marketing Strategy for Numerical Growth:

Module 401-403

Nova Growth Sustainability Strategy